Optis releases OMS2 2018 for advanced visualisation material capture

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Optis has released an update to its OMS2 system for creating accurate materials for reuse in visualisation and VR workflows. OMS2 is a combination of both software and hardware that allows you to capture material swatches then repurpose that data for reuse in both interior and exterior trim options visualisation applications.


The handheld scanner allows you to capture material properties using BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) measurements – this means that you’ll not only have colour and texture information but much more accurate information regarding how that surface reflects light. This can be used in not only Optis’ range of visualisation and design review applications, but should also be usable in other advanced visualisation systems.

Interestingly, the openness doesn’t end there, as Optis has also integrated its post-processing software with another capture device, the Vizoo xTex device.