All time top five top fives list of 2009: #2 The Bad Bits

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#1 The Economy: It sucked. Let’s leave it at that and hope 2010 brings brighter times.

#2 Press Vs. Bloggers: Much debated this year. The press (all of whom write blog) are worried about Bloggers taking over their exhalted position as keepers of the truth. Bloggers think the press don’t know what they’re talking about. I couldn’t care less.

#3 WolfeGate and the definition of ‘relatively unimportant‘: Stephen Wolfe wrote an article (crotchety), it kicked off quickly than a Red shirt at a Manchester City game here.

#4 Being French for a week in Chicago: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to do the Daily Express “we hate the french” nonsense, but wearing this badge both amused (and I mean hot tea through the nose kind of amused) and disappointed me. Whether it was the French name, the heavy accent or the beret I’m not too sure. BUt for one glorious week, I felt tres continental.

#5 Closing Magazines: I love print media. Yes. Web and mobile devices are the future, but there’s something glorious about a well executed print magazine. Too many have disappeared due to unsound business models, lazy publishers and a harsh economic environment.


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