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Smarttech3D rolls out robotised 3D scanner

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Smarttech3D has introduced its robotised metrology solution that combines a 3D scanner head with a robotic arm to reduce the risk of human errors in the 3D scanning process.

The Smarttech3D 3D Robotized scanner combines 3D scanning technologies with Kuka Kr Cybertech industrial robotic arm and was designed to automate non-contact digitalisation for industrial quality control and reverse engineering.

As the Polish metrology company states, the light scanning head offers accuracy up to 19μm and resolution of 20MP and can detect sub-millimetres details, which makes it an ideal solution for production companies, design studios and for applications in the cultural heritage sector.

Through the dedicated app Smarttech3D, users can receive an automatically generated examination report in PDF and the display of a colour map of the deviation from the CAD model directly onto the scanned object.

Equipped with a rotary table with a loading capacity of up to 300kg and a robotic arm with a rotation range of 1.5m, the 3D scanner was designed for small and medium objects.

Smarttech3D claims that thanks to the robotic arm and the automation of calibration, the scanner is intuitive to use and can achieve high-quality results regardless of the user’s experience.

“This system allows to eliminate the human influence from the measurements process so, in this way, we can obtain the highest quality of the measured data each time and every time,” said Smarttech3D export manager Rafał Żak.


Founded in 2000 by a group of academics at the University of Warsaw, Smarttech3D specialises in contactless measurement systems based on structured light, which, combined with high resolutions, offer detailed and photorealistic scans.

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