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PostProcess adds new Vorsa 500 for FDM support removal

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PostProcess Technology has announced its new Vorsa 500 system that could reduce FDM support removal processing times by over 50 per cent.

The new Vorsa 500 is designed to be able to process larger batch sizes, delivering uniform and high-quality results regardless of the part’s geometry.

The New York-based post-printing technologies company has been working on automated, intelligent post-printing solutions for additive manufacturing since 2014, providing AM users with solutions complete of software, hardware and chemistry to finish parts.

PostProcess states that the new system is the result of addressing rising demand for software-driven finishing technologies, and will be enabled by its patent-pending Automat3D software platform.

Automat3D controls and varies the system’s energy, speed, and direction, with an ‘agitation algorithm’ based around the CAD models of the parts being treated to help produce consistent parts with no breakage.

The company has announced that Vorsa 500 will feature a Volumetric Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology that utilises multi-dimensional spray coverage, which can cut support removal processing times by over 50 per cent if compared to submersible tank systems, without any damage to the parts.

According to PostProcess, this system also allows quicker drying times while maintaining parts integrity and the parts won’t become saturated with detergent, as could happen with other post-printing processes, because Vorsa 500 utilises new spray nozzle technology.


“The addition of the Vorsa 500 to our portfolio demonstrates our continued market leadership in the additive manufacturing post-print space and provides the industry with the fastest FDM support removal solutions,” said PostProcess vice president Rich Caplow.

“The Vorsa 500 delivers on our promise to offer customers higher throughput with an automated and comprehensive FDM support removal solution.”

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