Autodesk joins structural and manufacturing simulation tools for composites analysis

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Autodesk Simulation Composite Analysis can now interpret Moldflow information and combine it with structural analysis for more realistic simulation results

Autodesk’s Simulation Composite Analysis is now able to interpret imported Moldflow information and combine it with a structural mesh to then perform nonlinear structural analysis of the component within the user’s FEA software.

Using a new feature called Advanced Material Exchange, users are able to export material properties, fiber orientations and residual stress/strain information from Autodesk Simulation Moldflow in order to better understand the as-manufactured state of a component.

The result for users is significantly improved insight and accuracy of the structural performance of chopped fiber composite components, such as simulating the warped shape prior to structural analysis or computing the ultimate failure load and mode of the structure using state of the art failure theories.

Following its debut on Autodesk Labs as Project Sundance (we’re hoping Project Butch Cassidy is in the works) its capabilities are now officially part of Autodesk Simulation Composite Analysis software.

The release is available now.