Five new materials for 3D Systems ProJet 1200

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New materials make this micro SLA printer a more attractive option for pro desktop printing

3D Systems has announced the expansion of its ProJet 1200 suite with the arrival of five new materials specifically for the desktop printing capabilities of its micro-SLA 3D printer.

The five new materials join its existing VisiJet FTX Green material, expanding the capabilities of jewellers, dental labs, manufacturers, engineers, and 3D artists in the creation of casting patterns, small end-use parts, figurines and presentation models.

Jewellers will immediately benefit from the new FTX Cast material is a wax/resin hybrid material developed specifically for compatibility with a wide range of jewellery casting methods and materials.
The shiny, coloured FTX Gold and FTX Silver versions also allow for jewellery samples and presentation models to be prototyped more accurately without casting.

Along with the casting capabilities of FTX Cast, engineering and manufacturing customers can take advantage of the arrival of FTX Gray, a high-contrast gray material designed for prototypes and accentuating fine features.

FTX Clear, a transparent clear material, can be applied in end-use parts and components.


3D Systems states in its press blurb that micro-SLA parts in FTX Gray and Clear also combine the strength and precision necessary for end-use applications and final one-off custom components, such as electronic connectors, robotics components and more.

“The addition of these five materials represents our commitment to revolutionising desktop 3D printing and bringing new capabilities to dental techs, jewelers, artists and engineers,” said Buddy Byrum, VP product and channel management, 3D Systems.

“Now a jeweler, for instance, can design a ring, prototype it in FTX Gray, print a customer sample ring in FTX Gold and FTX Silver, and create a final casting pattern in FTX Cast – all from the same machine.”

The expanded VisiJet FTX material range will be available in December 2014 and will be on display this week at EuroMold 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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