The Weekender: Britain is the most entrepreneurial nation in Europe

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Leading the way for Europe, the UK is great for entrepreneurs

From James Dyson-esque garden shed hardware start-ups, to the man in Liverpool city centre that does headstands into a bucket for small change, Britain is the most entrepreneurial country in Europe.

Have some of that, Iceland.

English speaking countries top the entrepreneurial nations table, with the USA, Canada and Australia above the UK in the Global Entrepreneurship Network Index 2015 table.

This year’s ranking is the UK’s highest position in the five-year history of the index and has seen steady improvement during that time, and although this isn’t a direct measure of success, it is something that we should all take pride in.


Countries moving up, while northern Europe drops in the rankings

The large share of the UK’s start-ups are sat in the medium- and high-technology sectors, a strong point of the UK’s development.

The UK has a significantly lower ‘entrepreneurial abilities’ score than the United States and Australia, but is relatively strong in terms of ‘Competition’, implying that fresh entrepreneurs are mainly looking for market niches that do not have many competitors.

Take from this what you will with regards to design and technology, these stats seem to cover all industries.

Yet, when coupled with what we’ve seen from the rise in hardware start-ups, the stats mean that if you’re going into the weekend with that nagging project idea you’ve had for a while, then now’s the time to get started.

You can read the full report here.

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