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Scantech goes wireless with smaller, smarter NimbleTrack 3D scanner

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Scantech has launched its wireless NimbleTrack blue laser 3D scanning system, capable of getting into tight spaces and capturing 0.020 mm detail in any location.

The scanner features a built-in rechargeable battery, while the tracker comes with standard plug-in batteries, ensuring continuous operations over a long time eliminating the need for any cables to power the instrument or transfer data, and allowing for data capture where no power supply is available.

With a 500 x 600mm scan area, measuring even larger-sized parts can be achieved using the optical tracker’s built-in infrared large-area scanning for targets, or range can be dynamically extended by adding more i-Trackers to capture objects without compromising accuracy.

Scantech says that the NimbleTrack’s 3D scanner and tracker both feature powerful edge computing modules, which enables the system to deliver fast and smooth scanning experiences at a high frame rate of 120 FPS.

Despite the onboard battery, the handset weighs 1.3kg, while the tracker is 2.2kg at a length of 57 cm, with a carbon fibre cutting back weight and ensuring strength.

The NimbleTrack can be paired with Scantech’s tracking i-Probe500 to probe inaccessible areas such as reference holes and hidden points. This contact measurement probe can allow more precise results with both wired and wireless options.

The unit has been designed ready for robotic automation, with a custom clamping method making it compatible with many types of robots, while the system comes with a small standard protection case that can accommodate all its instruments for jobs on the move.