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ZeroLight takes VRED beyond the studio with OmniStream

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ZeroLight, specialists in cloud-based visualisation, has showcased OmniStream, its ‘enterprise-standard’ streaming platform, for Autodesk VRED.

Announced at CES 2024, the product was showcased at Autodesk’s Automotive Innovation Forum (AIF) in May, offering OEMs and agencies the ability to extend the visualisation pipeline from sharing VRED designs for review securely, and further on into interactive marketing and sales experiences.

The streaming solution offers applications that users build and maintain, using Unity, Unreal Engine, VRED or Microsoft Windows, allowing for visualisation data to be used downstream for up-to-date online configurators or in-dealership retail solutions.

ZeroLight explains that brands can ensure that the highest quality Autodesk VRED models are the ones that customers engage with throughout their car-buying journeys. or simply allowing those without a full VRED suite, high-end workstation or knowhow can quickly access project work.

At AIF , attendees were able to test drive an online configuration and sales experience built with Autodesk VRED and powered by OmniStream. Labelled as a ‘concierge-style experience’, it allows product experts to guide their customers through a shared configuration session that blends the intimacy of the dealership with the convenience of an online configurator.

“With OmniStream, car brands can remove the time, cost and effort of converting their master Autodesk VRED models into multiple formats for marketing and sales applications. They can also be certain that their vehicle is represented exactly as the designer intended, without the risk of critical details being incorrectly translated into different engines,” said ZeroLight CPO Jason Collins.

“We are happy to be able to extend the usage of Autodesk VRED to marketing and sales with this ZeroLight collaboration,” said Thomas Heermann, VP Automotive, Conceptual Design, and XR at Autodesk.


“Combining our strengths provides our joint customers with a new way to truly use their data from early design to marketing and sales, enabling a true enterprise-wide visualisation pipeline, which will greatly reduce cost, time, and effort and thus speed up their time to market significantly. We are proud to be able to offer this revolutionary approach in times where efficiency is key to success.”