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PTC Creo 11 puts the focus on usability at launch

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PTC has launched Creo 11, adding a wide range of enhancements for electrification, composites, model-based definition, simulation-driven design, and advanced manufacturing, with a conspicuous absence of AI dominating the release.

Instead Creo 11 is looking to simplify user workflows with an unbroken chain of design, adding everyday productivity enhancements and building on recent additions – bulking out its composites design toolset, expanding its Model-Based Definition (MBD) tools, and building on the experience of its simulation-driven design and generative design abilities.

The new release now supports multibody concepts for designs containing multiple sheet metal and regular bodies, allowing users to better design sheet metal parts in context.

In addition, solid bodies from parts of an assembly can be transferred into a single multibody part using the Shrink-wrap feature, making it easier and faster to work with complex designs.

Creo now features an enhanced enclosure volume feature, to optimise and calculate the minimum bounding box of your part or assembly for packaging optimisation.

Building on the introduction of composites design tools in Creo 10, the growth has been rapid, adding further composites design, simulation, and manufacturing capabilities, such as transitions, laminate sections, and draping simulations.

MBD tools have been improved to provide greater clarity with less effort. Now users can organise design data in simple tables that can be read by both humans and machines, with user-defined text, parameter callouts, and semantic references.


Simulation has also taken a step forward, including the tools leveraging Ansys technology, with new simulation-driven design capabilities for better design ideation, guidance, and validation. Generative design has been improved with minimum feature size constraints, bearing load support and planar symmetry constraints.

Creo+ has not been forgotten, with all of the new Creo 11 capabilities being automatically pushed out to our Creo+ customers around a month or so after the launching addition to some other improvements specific to to the SaaS product.


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