PostProcess officially launches its product line in Europe

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PostProcess Technologies a provider of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for industrial 3D printing, has announced the first step in its global expansion by launching its full product line in Europe and opening its first international office near Nice, France.

PostProcess solutions integrate dedicated software, hardware, and additive-formulated chemistry to help with support material removal and surface finishes of 3D printed parts – processes traditionally needing to be performed manually.

Its latest Connect3D software leverages the native CAD-file or 3D printer sliced files to automatically define the necessary requirements and algorithms for post-printing – having benchmarked over 500,000 parts built with all 3D print technologies.
“While we have an immediate solution to automate post-printing for support removal and surface finish, the real power of the PostProcess technology is its capability to enable true digital manufacturing,” said head of PostProcess’ new European office, Bruno Bourguet.

“We are very pleased to see the high interest from companies in Europe in our solutions and the role that automated post-printing plays in unleashing the power of 3D printing.”

Click here to read more about PostProcess’ latest Connect3D software platform, an expansion of its Automat3D software offering.


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