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Artec Ray II hooks up with handheld Leo for comprehensive 3D Scanning

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Artec 3D has released its latest long-range Ray II laser 3D scanner, which is capable of combining its precision LiDAR scanning with its handheld sister product the Leo.

Developed in collaboration with Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, the product has the ability to capture large products and systems ten-times faster than the original Artec Ray, with a 36 MP 3-camera system allowing down to a 3D point accuracy of 1.9 mm from 10 meters.

Data from Artec Ray II can be combined in Artec Studio software with data from other Artec 3D scanners, such as the wireless handheld Artec Leo, helping provide comprehensively detailed scans of selected areas of the large objects being captured.

artec ray 2 controll screen UI
The Artec 3D Ray II features onboard touchscreen controls

“Artec 3D is committed to constantly innovating and expanding its suite of 3D scanning solutions, and our collaboration with Leica Geosystems in developing the Artec Ray II embodies this commitment,” said Artec 3D CEO Art Yukhin.

“We can now offer a unique combination of two wireless, fast-capture scanners: one long-range, and one handheld. This broadens the possibilities of rapidly capturing high-accuracy data for inspection, reverse engineering, forensics, and creating true-to-life digital twins.”

Artec has given examples of how both products can be used, including sample case studies like helicopters, trucks and even the Groussgasmaschinn antique blast furnace.

In addition to its scanning speed, the Artec Ray II boasts an array of features designed to provide an easy scanning experience and improve the quality of results. The scanner is equipped with automated targetless field registration, real-time scan alignment, and a double-scan feature for the automatic removal of moving objects.


Featuring a touchscreen and user-friendly mobile interface not dissimilar to the Artec Leo, along with safeguarding against rain and dust (IP54-rated), the Artec Ray II is listed as a solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

To ensure uninterrupted scanning sessions, the Artec Ray II comes with four batteries and a charger. The scanner operates with two batteries at a time, which can be hot-swapped with the other two without powering off.

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