LatticeRobot LAUNCH 2023

LatticeRobot announces community for advancing lattices in products

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LatticeRobot has launched its new community to address the challenges of lattice research, discoverability, and interoperability. The group is hoping to offer the potential to change the world of advanced manufacturing, currently held back by a lack of common knowledge that impedes their application.

LatticeRobot is aiming to close this gap by bringing a community of engineers together in a computationally enhanced working space to aggregate and explore the world’s knowledge of lattices, textures, and related mesoscale geometry and applications.

“I’ve spent the past decade delivering innovation through novel lattices and foams in metal additive manufacturing, an expensive and time consuming process,” said LatticeRobot CEO Matt Shomper. “The way we ultimately accelerate progress is by combining our knowledge and working together, and that’s why we built LatticeRobot.”

LatticeRobot’s interactive environment helps engineers explore what combination of base materials and lattice geometries create data-driven results.

The software combines lattice geometry and emperical, functional data to produce optimised implicit unit cells that work with modern latticing software.

Data supplied by hardware, software, and consulting vendors refers users back to the referenced products and services, helping users discover the most fit products and services for their applications.

“LatticeRobot is a great approach that bundles decades of hard-to-obtain knowledge of the leading experts in design for additive manufacturing and makes advanced lattice engineering accessible to everyone,” commented Autodesk director of additive manufacturing Alexander Oster.


Set to be in private beta this summer, LatticeRobot is seeking academic, hardware, and software partners interested in collaborating on data structures, unit cells, and referral systems. A public launch will welcome all engineering professionals later in 2023.

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