Haas opens its first CNC school in Africa

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The first Haas Technical Education Centre (HTEC) in Africa has opened to students

The first Haas Technical Education Centre (HTEC) has opened in Casablanca, Morocco, at the Institute of Aeronautics and Airport Logistics (ISMALA), designed to offer training in CNC skills and competencies.

ISMALA is one of more than 300 similar resources in Morocco, created to prepare young people for work in growth sectors of the nation’s economy.

As its name suggests, the Casablanca facility was built specifically to provide training in aeronautical engineering and other, related subjects, with more than 100 of the world’s top aircraft and aeronautical parts manufacturers present in Morocco.

Students are taught the most current practices and skills needed on the latest CNC equipment


The HTEC has been set up to counter the problem of the machinery in technical colleges being, often, 30-40 years out of date. It is impossible to teach modern manufacturing techniques using obsolete equipment.

Haas Automation Europe offers discounts on its latest CNC machines to the centres, allowing cities to invest in the most up to date training.

“This is a very exciting occasion for Haas,” said Mr. Maes. “The HTEC school partnership program is designed to offer the necessary training platform for students and teachers to succeed in acquiring the best CNC skills and competencies. For Morocco, which has to continue to attract more foreign investment, training young people is a top-priority.”

There are currently no HTECs in the UK.

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