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InnoventPro sees ExOne add nanoparticles to binder jetting

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ExOne has previewed the InnoventPro, its concept for an entry-level binder jetting 3D printer for metals, ceramics and composites.

The InnoventPro will offer two build sizes, three- and five-litres, with print speeds topping 700 cc/hour.

ExOne says it is targeting the updated system is aimed at academics, researchers, and a full spectrum of manufacturers, from machine and MIM shops to high-volume producers, that want to produce metal parts quickly, affordably and sustainably.

The new InnoventPro will feature the same recirculating printhead modules used on the X1 25Pro and X1 160Pro metal 3D printers, allowing users to scale up from R&D to high-volume production while maintaining the sea know-how and familiarity for the process.

The recirculating printhead also enables ExOne’s pioneering move to offer particulate binders as an option on a commercial binder jetting system – part of its R&D teams work into printing a variety of nanoparticles suspended in its binders.

First patented in 2018, with related patents pending worldwide, ExOne’s ‘inkjet-printable nanoparticle suspensions’ are slated for commercial deployment in the InnoventPro.

ExOne says that because nanoparticles fill in the interstices between powder bed particles and can bond at lower temperatures, they enable stronger green parts.


In turn, this enables 3D printing of larger parts and finer features, delivering sharper corners and edges.

These new binders can also improve the resolution and sinterability of high-demand metals, such as copper and aluminum.

In addition, Siemens Digital Industries has been announced as an Industry 4.0 collaboration partner on the production version of the machine, slated to be unveiled in the second half of 2021.

An incentive program for the InnoventPro will be offered to customers who buy an Innovent+ prior to commercial availability of the new system.

“Customers around the world already love the Innovent+, and based on their feedback, we’re going to give them an updated entry-level system that’s bigger, faster and smarter than ever,” said ExOne CEO John Hartner.