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Zortrax launches updated Z-suite 3.0 beta

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Zortrax has introduced the latest update of its 3D printing software, Z-suite, with new functions including new infill patterns and seam modes and the possibility to print with multiple contours.

The Polish 3D printing company has claimed that of the most significant novelties of Z-suite 3.0 beta is the ‘outer walls’ option, which grants the users to manipulate the number of outermost walls in the model, printed with multiple contours.

With this new feature, users should be able to reinforce their 3D models by increasing the number of outer walls, which allows them to better control the level of mechanical durability and dimensional accuracy of the model.

Being able to tweak the ‘outer walls’ parameter is particularly useful for models which need to undergo mechanical or chemical post-processing.

The multiple contours feature should not only improve resistance but also precision: by reducing differences in dimensional accuracy, as the number of contours is constant from the first to the last printed layer, users should obtain a better quality of overhanging areas and less deformation.

This feature, the company has added, can also be used when printing in ‘shell’ mode to counteract the brittleness typical of prints made using this method.

The new Z-suite version also comes with three new infill patterns, which should allow users to have more ways to control the level of parts’ strength and weight.


These are triangular infill, for models which require compression strength to forces applied perpendicularly, gyroid infill, ideal for models having to withstand forces applied along all three axes and concentric infill, for models with narrow and small elements or printed out of transparent and flexible filaments.

According to Zortrax, this new update features a method of generating the infill for thin walls and small gaps between inner and outer walls.

Another novelty concerns the seam settings: this new update features an ‘avoid overhangs’ checkbox which should prevent the seam from appearing on overhanging layers.

“The open beta tests of Z-suite have been launched as a stage of improving the target software versions. Thanks to that, the recipients of the solutions offered by Zortrax actively participate in the development cycle of our slicer,” said Michał Siemaszko, head of the research and development department and Zortrax.

“We collect the opinions from Zortrax 3D printers’ owners in order to adapt each update of the program to the real needs. The latest Z-suite 3.0 beta version gains functionalities that have not been present so far, bringing significant benefits to the work with our equipment.”

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