Robots rock!

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Like many, you’ve dreamed of the day you’d have your own robot to do your devious biddings – to take over the world, invade a colleagues desk space, or simply to snuggle up with and watch the telly.

Fear not – that day has come!

Admittedly, they’re only 2 to 6 inches tall, and effectively an inanimate object, yet My Robot Nation allows you to design your faithful robot in a snazzy web browser-based creation platform.

With over 9 billion possible combinations of base parts, colours, attachments and stamps, you can create an utterly unique and customised object, before having it 3D printed as a full colour ZCorp model and delivered to your door.

With the design platform created by games developers, and the printing done by professional outfit Offload Studios, it’s another eating step towards customisation of products, 3D printed and delivered direct to the consumer.

[Remember: A robot is for life, not just for Christmas]


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