Latest Software Cradle CFD software adds upgrades for heat and flow simulation

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Version 12 of scSTREAM has new features for pump design

New upgrades and abilities are now offered in two of Software Cradle’s specialised CFD products, SC/Tetra and scSTREAM, for pumps and electrical heat displacement, respectively.

Version 12 of SC/Tetra, an unstructured grid CFD software contains new features, many designed to optimise pump flow design.

Single pitch shape extraction for centrifugal pumps offers to significantly reduces calculation time and cost, while an optional Smart Blades tool parametrically creates, solves, and post-processes axial fan designs.

HeatDesigner now features improved particle tracking including particle adhesion to moving objects


Shape optimisation using its Adjoint Method can be used to optimise geometrical shapes further to determine the optimised aerodynamic shape for minimising drag force.

scSTREAM, Software Cradle’s structured grid CFD offering is aimed at projects when exact geometry details do not strongly influence the overall flow field, while its included software HeatDesigner is specially designed for electronics cooling.

Expanded capabilities for the cut cell function that slices off portions of Cartesian elements to more accurately simulate non-Cartesian geometries proves one of the biggest new capabilities in V12.

Enhanced radiation capabilities allow the software to accommodate diffuse transmittance, while there is improved particle tracking including particle adhesion to moving objects, conversion to condensate, and particle tracking in a multi block mesh.