XYZprinting’s Nobel DLP 3D printer gets a Superfine upgrade

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the XYZprinting Nobel Superfine is targeting the jewellery industry

The Nobel 3D Printer from XYZprinting has returned with a ‘Superfine’ suffix and 25 micron accuracy from the company’s latest Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology.

Using a digital projector screen to flash a single image of each layer across the whole platform, it can make it faster for print some parts than Stereolithography (SLA) technology with its lasers, although both use similar light sensitive resin material.

What catches the eye most is the price point, at £2,659 it’s nearly a grand cheaper than a Formlabs Form 2 – that’s a lot of resin.

Speaking of which, the DLP technology prints castable resin and flexible resin creating high detail print quality at speed.


“We are really excited at XYZprinting to be able to bring this sophisticated technology to our customers at such an affordable price with the Nobel Superfine,” said Fernando Hernandez, MD for XYZprinting Europe.

“The embedded DLP technology creates exceptionally high quality prints that will prove revolutionary to the jewellery and dental industries.”

The parts from the printer can be cured using XYZprinting’s desktop UV cure station, launched earlier this year.

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