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Xencelabs goes portable with Pen Display 16

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Xencelabs has announced the release of the Pen Display 16, a 4K OLED fanless display with edge-to-edge super-AG etched glass.

Compared with the Pen Display 24, which weighs 6 kilograms and is 1.4 inches thick, the Pen Display 16 is 0.47 inches thick and 1.22 kilograms in weight, making it easy to transport.

The pen display features five factory-calibrated colour spaces: Adobe RGB (98%), P3-DCS (98%), sRGB (99%), Rec 2020 and Rec 709.

The display has an aluminium back, resulting in heat dissipation without any fan noise.

pen display 16
Moving between the display and a laptop or PC is seamless

It can connect to any compatible PC or laptop via a USB-C to USB-C cable. All necessary cables, as well as two different Xencelabs pens and a mobile easel, are included in the price.

The 3-Button pen has a wider barrel with three customisable buttons for placing keyboard shortcuts. The Thin Pen creates the effect of a real pencil or thin brush and has two buttons for keyboard shortcuts.

Both pens are pressure-sensitive and come with a pressure-sensitive eraser.


The Pen Display 16 also includes the new Virtual Tablet feature, which enables users to control multiple displays on multiple screens using their Xencelabs pen.

A Quick Keys handheld remote for creating shortcuts is also included and can be used to create a total of 40 shortcuts.

Later in 2024, the Xencelabs Desktop Easel, which provides a range of tilt angles and rotation, will be available as an optional purchase.

The Pen Display 16 is available to customers in a bundle, which includes all necessary wires and components, and in an essentials kit, which contains the screen and USB-C wire.

The package includes all the required accessories, plus necessary wires