Simcenter Star-CCM 2020

Siemens’ latest Simcenter STAR-CCM+ boosts simulation time and accuracy

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The latest release of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ includes enhancements to improve simulation time and accuracy as well as enhance collaboration, giving customers a comprehensive digital twin to help drive highly predictive simulations.

In this release of the integrated CFD and multiphysics simulation software, Siemens is introducing a new parallel polyhedral mesher for what it claims is faster, more effective meshing, as well as a model-driven adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) solution.

Siemens says the parallel polyhedral mesher, by using parallel performance, lets the meshes build up to 30-times faster than in serial, providing a consistent mesh regardless of the cores used and a more effective mesh distribution with the same accuracy and robustness.

Simcenter star ccm 2020
Siemens has introduced a new parallel polyhedral mesher in this release

New adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) technology is the industry’s first model-driven AMR, which intelligently refines the mesh based on the physics. This should lead to less user interaction as well as computational overhead and reduces overall mesh size.

Automatic coupled solver control is also added for reduced set-up times, while improving convergence speed and the industry’s first ever collaborative virtual reality (VR) feature in a CFD code for enhanced team collaboration on simulation results.


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