Dell AR app repairs

Dell adds AR app for workstation repairs

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Repairability is the priority for the new Dell AR app for IT repairs, which it says is not only for the ‘DIY repair enthusiast’ but business owners, helping reducing e-waste.

Dell’s AR Assistant can guide users through servicing and repair procedures for more than 100 Dell PCs and servers in 7 different languages.

Dell is currently working to add over 20 additional systems by the end of the summer for the free app that is available on both IOS and Android.

“Our aim is to enable consumers to easily repair devices themselves where they are able to – and ultimately we’re looking to reduce repair time for issues that can be resolved by the users themselves, with a little help from Dell.” said a Dell spokesperson, confirming that other repair options for those not interested in making the repairs themselves will remain.

“We are excited to extend repairability to our customers directly, and help them extend the life of their systems. Ease of repair is a win for our customers and the environment – and we’re proud to enable the next generation of consumer repairability with the Dell AR Assistant.”

The hardware giant says that its AR app’s development was fast tracked during the early months of the pandemic when technicians were unable to visit people’s homes.

Currently the use of the Dell AR app is dependent on proper diagnosis first, then ordering parts through its technical support team. The future plan is to make parts more readily and easily available for sale online for an easier customer experience.


Is now a good time for the ‘right to repair’ legislation?


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