Creaform reveals VXelements 10

Creaform unveils VXelements 10

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Creaform has revealed the latest version of its VXscan-R software module VXelements 10, developed to provide small and medium enterprises with easier access to automation and greater operational and budgetary flexibility.

VXelements 10 looks to offer compatibility with a wider range of robots, including collaborative ones, all of which should improve simplicity while increasing quality control productivity.

VXscan-R software is part of Creaform‘s 3D R-Series 3D scanning solutions for at-line applications, in turnkey solutions or for customisable layouts, designed to help companies find defects earlier and ensure that all parts are measured correctly, without human impact and subjectivity.

Creaform said VXelements 10 offers a reliable and accurate digital twin environment for program preparation, scan simulations, and execution.

This new version of VXscan-R should be compatible with the collaborative robot Fanuc CRX as well as other industrial robots, which makes it suitable for many different workflows, from large production lines to small and medium enterprises.

All the R-Series solutions should be fully integrated into VXscan-R software, making it easy to use for both custom layout and turnkey solutions.

As safety is a high priority when it comes to introducing automation in the workflow, Creaform stated that the robot is designed to work with and around workers, featuring safety functions like automatically stopping when meeting resistance.


“By adding the collaborative robots to the R-Series offer, and by supporting more industrial robots, we can guarantee that the best scanning technology powered by offline programming software is accessible to businesses of all sizes,” explained Creaform product manager Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie.

“Truly, harnessing the power of automation has never been easier.”

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