HP MJF 5600 Protolabs install in Germany

Protolabs adds latest HP MJF 5600 to scale production

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Protolabs has increased its 3D printing production capability in Europe with two new HP Multijet Jet Fusion 5600 Series systems installed at its Putzbrunn facility in Germany.

Launched in November 2023 at the Formnext event, Protolabs is one of the first European companies to put the 3D printers to work in round-the-clock production.

Andrea Landoni, EMEA 3DP product manager at Protolabs, said: “In order to maintain our pioneering role within the industry, we have always prioritised the continual expansion of the machine park at our European 3DP Centre.

“This acquisition demonstrates that we are investing in our own capabilities, and underlines our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible support through outstanding quality and excellent products.”

The HP Multi Jet Fusion 5600 series systems have been designed to add further reliability on top of efficient and scalable production – with Protolabs stating this will allow customers  to obtain components and prototypes with more flexibility, as well as with higher quality and repeatability.

“The HP printers in this series not only guarantee the production of accurately fitting prototypes, but also robust final components,” said a Protolabs spokesperson. “In addition, the printers offer enhanced monitoring of the entire printing process resulting in significantly higher final product quality. Furthermore, the finished products have a more homogeneous surface, and the build lines are also barely visible.”

Fabian Schuster, application engineer at HP’s Personalisation & 3D Printing business, said: “To maintain our pursuit of excellence and quality while driving innovative changes in our lives, we’re excited to provide Protolabs with HP’s cutting-edge 3D printing technology.


“The fact that we supply the necessary technology for this will not change in the future – and neither will the fact that our end customers have a partner at their side in Protolabs who knows how to combine hands-on experience and expertise with this technology.”

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