fabrica 2.0 micro am system

Fabrica 2.0 first product from micro AM experts Fabrica Group

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Fabrica Group, formerly Nanofabrica, which was acquired by Nano Dimension in April 2021, has announced the Fabrica 2.0, its first system to be made available under the new branding.

fabrica 2.0 3D Printed parts
Fabrica 2.0 is billed as suitable for 3D Printing casings for micro-electronics, micro springs, micro actuators and micro sensors

The Fabrica 2.0 micro AM system is targeting OEMs looking to manufacture small scale micro plastic parts in the areas of micro optics, semi-conductors, micro electronics, MEMS, micro fluidics, and life sciences.

The technology is based on a Digital Light Processor (DLP) engine combined with patented adaptive optics. The Fabrica 2.0 is engineered with an array of sensors, allowing a closed feedback loop, and uses proprietary materials Fabrica says are capable of high accuracy while remaining a cost-effective mass-manufacturing solution.

Nanofabrica executive VP Sales Avi Cohen, said: “Fabrica Group has focussed its resources into the development of a commercially viable mass production AM platform specifically for micro manufacturing applications, and so as such has pioneered a technology that facilitates process change in the micro manufacturing arena.

“For the first time, micro manufacturers can now realistically assess a shift to AM from conventional manufacturing processes as they attempt to push the envelope in terms of innovation. OEMs can therefore benefit from the inherent advantages that AM offers.”

According to Cohen, Fabrica Group has devoted significant time and resource to the production of direct rapid soft tooling (DRST), aiming for a high number of parts to be produced off a single DRST made using its technology.

“Moulds typically take about an hour to manufacture, cost in the order of $20, and have been used successfully on a traditional 35-ton injection moulding machine using pressures of 400 bar at 230oC. Multiple soft tools can also be made together,” said Cohen.


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