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Threadripper Workstations – 8 Of The Best

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The extreme performance of workstations powered by AMD Ryzen Threadripper has seen professional workstation builders getting creative.

Here we pick out 8 exemplary examples of workstations kitted out for Threadripper performance.

Armari’sarmari magnatar threadripper workstation Magnetar X64T-G3 FWL, with its new 64-core Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, is a a phenomenal feat of engineering.

Giving the best of both worlds for single threaded CAD and multi-threaded ray trace rendering, Armari’s offering gets some serious performance out of the new platform. Read our full in-depth review here.

BostonBoston threadripper workstation offers two Threadripper workstations in its VENOM range, the mid-tower TR31-10NP and the full-tower TR32-10NP.

The main difference is expandability, with the TR32-10NP offering up to four double-width GPUs and up to eight 3.5-inch HDDs.

The Venom TR3 series is available for testing, purchase or hire.


Boxx threadripper workstationThe BOXX APEXX T3 is one of the smallest Threadripper workstations out there, with the same chassis as the AMD Ryzen-based APEXX A3 we reviewed earlier this year.

For more memory (up to 256GB), more GPUs (up to four), more M.2 SSDs (up to four) and slighly higher clock speeds, there’s also the larger APEXX T4.

Interpro’sInterpro workstations threadripper workstation Threadripper workstation might go under a single name (IPW-TR), but it’s highly customisable, with many different combinations of chassis, motherboard and cooling to suit requirements.

The IPW-TR is said to be near silent in operation and can be overclocked, but Precision Boost Overdrive is proving most popular.

Puget Systems threadripper workstationPuget Systems is a US firm that specialises in custom workstations.

To demonstrate its knowledge of software, it has tailored its Threadripper workstation to different workflows, including photogrammetry and rendering.

Its website features several articles on Threadripper, which include some benchmarks.

Scan’sScan 3XS threadripper workstation 3XS WA6000 Viz workstation, which we reviewed in February, was recently rebranded to the Scan 3XS GWP-ME Q248T.

Like Armari, Scan is getting the most out of the 3rd Gen Threadripper architecture by pairing it with the superfast PCIe 4.0 Corsair MP600 NVMe M.2 SSD.

You can read our full review here.

Velocity Micro threadripper workstationVelocity Micro is a US manufacturer of custom workstations.

The Threadripper-based ProMagix HD80, is available in a GX5 mid-tower or full-tower chassis and comes with a choice of two motherboards, the Asus Prime TXR40-Pro or the Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme.

Check out its website for a ROI document.

Workstation Specialists’Workstation Specialists threadripper workstation WS-1640A-G4 workstation can take up to four double-height GPUs and can be rack-mounted with an optional kit.

The UK firm also offers a 2nd Gen Threadripper mini workstation, but the current lack of Micro-ATX motherboards for 3rd Gen Threadripper means it hasn’t been updated.

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