Precision is the jewel of China’s ‘largest 3D printing bureau’

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The manufacturer of high precision 3D wax printers, Solidscape, has announced its strategic agreement with engineering company Kangshuo Group to create one of the world’s largest 3D printing bureaus.

Kangshuo Group, more known for its work in the energy and power services, will construct four new 3D printing service bureau facilities featuring several hundred Solidscape precision 3D printers to support China’s fast growing custom jewelry industry.

The first facility will open in Shenzhen in June, followed by Guangzhou in October, and Beijing and Shanghai in 2016, with the effort supporting China’s growing commitment to 3D printing education.
“Kangshuo Group’s strong business reputation and commitment to the jewelry segment in China is ideal to support Solidscape’s continuous expansion,” said Solidscape president Fabio Esposito during the signing ceremony at Solidscape’s headquarters.

“Having a customer-centric partner that can deliver top quality sales and service to the jewelry industry in China was our strategic goal. In addition to bolstering the local NH economy and future job creation, we’re thrilled to be an American company exporting our products to China.”

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