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Shapr3D Visualization toolset expands ecosystem

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Shapr Visualization headphonesShapr3D has further expanded its product offering with the addition of Visualization, its new rendering software that integrates into all current platforms of its 3D CAD program, including on iPad.

On touchscreen user interfaces, two taps on the screen puts the user in Visualization mode, giving them a wide range of materials and colours with which to apply to their 3D models, and make changes instantaneously.

The key driver of these first glimpses of what Shapr3D promises is set to grow into a more fleshed-out visualisation tool within the Shapr3D UI is its use for pitching clients, during team reviews where a range of different options are needed, on for on the go inspiration.

Once in Shapr3D Visualization mode, users simply select a surface, a material and its colour, and then drag and drop in a highly intuitive workflow. Material scale sliders, colour a picker and Hex numbers make the current list of materials and colour grading easy to choose from..

Designs can quickly flip back into ‘CAD mode’, to make an edit or addition, and then be rendered to show a client in seconds.

If a bigger screen for a presentation is needed, or more power, then users can transfer over to another device, with Shapr3D capable of running on all Windows devices as well as Mac OS.

Shapr3D CEO Istvan Csanady explained that this is just the beginning of his plans for the rendering tools, as Shapr3D promise more materials, features and tools going forward, including custom lighting and environments.



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