3Dconnexion unity and unreal engine

3Dconnexion adds support for Unreal Engine & Unity

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3Dconnexion has announced Unreal Engine and Unity software compatibility, adding them to the wide range of 3D design and creation softwares supported by its 3D mice.

While best known for its SpaceMouse products, 3Dconnexion has been working hard on the software and connectivity side of its business, as it looks to enable better user experience and improved performance across its entire product collection.

“Today we are elated to offer exciting new solutions to a new industry of digital artists,” shared 3Dconnexion CEO Antonio Pascucci. “We believe these new integrations, alongside our already existing support, will help thousands of designers and creators enjoy a more immersive and intuitive experience in their workflow.

“The simultaneous use of both hands when manipulating and interacting with the digital art offers a natural way to work, which will enhance creativity.”

The SpaceMouse and CadMouse family, as well as the newer Keyboard Pro with Numpad allow users to navigate quickly through over 300 3D design software, with the addition of Unreal Engine and Unity, 3Dconnexion is allowing for the further continuation of products right through the digital product development workflow.

“Each of our product lines gives users access to important tools and an advanced navigation experience,” added Pascucci. “Our SpaceMouse family allows them to navigate models and scenes faster and more intuitively. The CadMouse family and Keyboard Pro with Numpad offer precise accuracy and endlessly customisable desk setups.”

The most recent addition to 3D connexion’s hardware line-up is the Keyboard Pro with Numpad, to help designers and engineers work more comfortably at their desk environment with CAD applications, design programs and 3D environments.


The detached numpad, and ability to relocate it, reduces the width of the full-size keyboard, allowing for a better position of a mouse or pen and a resulting better posture – especially given the heavy mouse use of CAD professionals.

3Dconnexion numpad gets freedom to move with new Keyboard Pro

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