VR wizards Masters of Pie gain £1.6M investment

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Masters of Pie, a London-based technology outfit specialising in virtual and augmented reality software for manufacturing and wider enterprises, has gained some significant investment, to the tune of £1.6 million from Downing Ventures.

You might have seen some of its technology being demonstrated, particularly by Siemens, which has integrated a set of it into NX (in fact, that integration was demonstrated on stage today PLM Connections in Arizona).

There was an announcement around the partnership between the two, but it didn’t see much in the way of exposure.

A couple of years ago, Siemens also showed off a very early demonstration project called Project Dolphin. Fast forward a couple of years, and the first implmentation of Masters of Pie’s technology, named Radical, has just be shown on stage yesterday – both within NX and Teamcenter.


The company’s ‘Radical’ technology powers “a mixed reality (VR/AR) platform which initially allows industrial designers and production line experts to securely load their 3D data into a virtual meeting space, where they can remotely collaborate with colleagues in real-time.

The first products launched by the firm will feature a series of VR updates and enhancements for CAD that should allow designers to visualise their 3D models at full scale using desktop VR headsets for the purposes of design review and production enhancement.

Masters of Pie CEO Karl Maddix, said: “Having spent a number of years proving the technology, finding market traction and securing commercial partnerships, it is absolutely the right time now to focus on the rapid growth of the business.

“Downing has a deep understanding of how to build upon solid foundations to quickly scale up for market success. They share our vision and our passion and we are pleased to bring them on board at this key stage in our journey.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of providing solutions to enterprise, first focusing on the PLM sector but soon into other verticals, as they begin to leverage VR and AR and see the real value in a collaborative solution like Radical.”

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