Keyshot partners with 3D Systems software

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Keyshot is expected to provide realistic renderings of products that can be shared easily before colour 3D printing makes the real thing

Luxion Keyshot has announced its availability as the standard rendering solution to be included with many 3D Systems software products.

Previously Luxion had a partnership with Alibre and integration with their software. Then a partnership with Geomagic and integration with their software. Geomagic then bought Alibre; 3D Systems bought Geomagic, and from this a partnership with 3D Systems has risen like the proverbial phoenix.

Once a design has been rendered in KeyShot, it is expected that users can then export the full-color model directly to 3D Systems’ ProJet® x60 line of Color Jet Printers, and print a photo-realistic 3D model of their design to share with colleagues and prospective customers.
‘KeyShot for Geomagic Design’ is currently available as a bundled option for users of Geomagic Design.

An upgrade to ‘KeyShot HD for Geomagic Design’ is available for $199 through 3D Systems and certified resellers, while other products from 3D Systems will offer KeyShot in the future.

“With 3D Systems’ seamless workflow from physical to digital to print creating product visuals can now easily be done throughout that entire process,” said Claus Wann Jensen, CEO and co-founder at Luxion.


“When users need visual representations of their scan, design, modifications or 3D print, KeyShot provides the quality they expect.”

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