Essentium lands big backers for AM market

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Essentium’s High Speed Extrusion technology has the backing of BASF and Materialise

BASF has announced its further investment in Texas-based 3D printing company Essentium, bringing Belgian 3D Printing experts Materialise into the mix to help further develop Essentium’s new High Speed Extrusion (HSE) additive manufacturing platform.

The materials and coating giant BASF has already worked together on Essentium’s Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) solutions using proprietary FlashFuse technology for high mechanical strength in the build direction for extrusion printed parts.

Materialise is now entering this strategic partnership to add its 3D printing software knowhow and develop new software tools for the Essentium technology that allows users to take advantage of the speed of the HSE technology.

How Essentium’s FlashFuse technology works


Essentium’s FFF tech looks to bring the strength of injection moulded parts to 3D printing, using FlashFuse – a two-part, electric welding solution that combines nanomaterial technology and specialist hardware to harnesses the power of Plasma to solve the Z-Strength issue that has long plagued FDM printed parts.

The patented technology allows users to fuse the individual layers in the printed part together inside the printer as the parts are being built without post processing.

On top of this, the HSE proposition is billed as 10-times faster than typical extrusion methods at a price of $75,000.

Using the FlashFuse technology method, the HSE 180S model has a build area of 740 x 510 x 650mm, with a printhead nozzle capable of heating from 20°C to 600°C in less than three seconds.

Essentium is addressing additive manufacturing at scale by developing an industrial additive platform built for the production floor, providing its FlashFuse electric welding technology and engineering-grade, multi-layer filaments for demanding applications.

Together, we believe manufacturers everywhere will be able to accelerate production due to increased access to our new solutions, bolstered by a holistic, customer-centric approach,” commented Dr. Blake Essentium CEO Dr Blake Teipel.

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