HDR Light Studio Blender Interface

Lightmap brings HDR Light Studio to Blender

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Lightmap’s HDR Light Studio has a new connection for Blender, making the real-time lighting toolkit available to users of the leading open-source 3D design and rendering software.

The add-on creates a live link between HDR Light Studio and Blender, helping automotive, visualisation and entertainment artists to create accurate photorealistic lighting set-ups more quickly, intuitively and creatively.

New real-time connection plug-in makes the powerful automotive and product lighting toolkit available to users of the open-source 3D design and rendering software for the first time.

HDR Light Studio - Daniel Vesterbaek - Render
This render by artist Daniel Vesterbaek takes advantage of Lightmap’s plugin for Blender

The add-on enables users to create custom HDRI-based set-ups that mimic real-world lighting without the need to place 3D lights by hand, through time-saving features like LightPaint, which lets users position highlights on a model simply by clicking on its surface.

“We are very excited to launch this new Add-on linking HDR Light Studio with Blender,” said Lightmap CEO and 3D product designer Mark Segasby.

“With the significant recent investment in Blender development, many of our existing customers are now looking to use it in their professional work.

“The new Blender connection for HDR Light Studio enables them to continue using the lighting tools they rely on in production in their chosen 3D software.”


The new Blender connection shows the Lightmap lighting set-up results in the Blender viewport in real time, letting users set up photorealistic HDRI-based lighting scenes interactively, using drag and drop preset 2D and 3D lights that mimick real-world light types like soft boxes.

The LightPaint system positions highlights and reflections by clicking directly on a model, and users can create their own synthetic HDRIs or edit photographic HDRI maps.

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