CAMWorks Wire EDM Wheel

CAMWorks adds Wire EDM tech from CIMTechnology

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CAMWorks has signed up a partnership with CIMTechnology, a leading provider of Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) software gaining CAMWorks users exclusive access to it.

CIMTechnology have specialised in Wire EDM for more than 30 years, with its technology previously sold through OEM partners as stand-alone systems or as technology added to current programming systems.

Today, the partnership sees its “more advanced Wire EDM programming functionality” for precise and intricate part cutting, added to a a range of milling and lathe solutions.

CAMWorks says that its technologies such as feature-based programming, knowledge-based machining and TechDB should allow users to further automate their CAD/CAM functions.

CAMWorks is also fully integrated with Solidworks, which means that users can work within the familiar user interface of Solidworks as they program the CNC code for their parts.

In the 1990s, CIMTechnology established their business by writing and selling the Impact CAD/CAM System for Wire EDM through Sodick, as well as developing Brother’s PC-based conversational programming system for their drilling and tapping centers.

With 30+ years of experience in CAM software developement, CIMTechnology’s system has been used in companies known worldwide including, Caterpillar, Brother, Hasselblad, McDonnell Douglas, Sandvik Coromant, and Intel Corp.


Today its Wire EDM software is used in 3 of the major CAD/Cam systems.