NaviSite introduces Desktop-as-a-Service solution for 3D CAD

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NaviSite’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution is optimised for 3D graphical workloads by using Nvidia GRID technology.

NaviSite is hoping to entice design and engineering firms into the world of desktop virtualisation with a new Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution.

The cloud-based service is tuned for graphics intensive workflows, using Nvidia GRID technology to deliver the virtual desktops. Users can run CAD and other 3D applications using a standard Internet-connected PC or thin client.

The service is designed to be flexible, allowing workstation-class virtual desktops to be scaled on-demand. It also means businesses do not need to purchase, update or maintain workstation hardware.
NaviSite’s DaaS solution provides the enabling technology for remote CAD but does not include any licenses for CAD software.

However, Sumeet Sabharwal, NaviSite general manager, told DEVELOP3D that this is something that the company is exploring with the various software providers.

Users can install and license CAD software themselves but need to ensure they are complying with the end-user licensing agreements.


“We have expanded our industry-leading DaaS portfolio to enable graphic intensive processing workloads in an extremely cost effective, flexible and scalable model without compromising performance,” said Sabharwal.

“Our partnership with Nvidia furthers our leadership in bringing the full promise of desktop virtualisation to enterprises.”

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