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Greyscalegorilla launch Car Paint Collection with a sparkle

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Greyscalegorilla Plus has added a new Car Paint Collection consisting of over 30 hyper-realistic drag-and-drop car paint materials for Arnold, Octane, and Redshift.

The collection offers an extensive array of options for rendering photorealistic cars – from sparkling retro metallic finishes to camo wraps.

With the creation of believable car paint materials from scratch a time consuming approach, often requiring extensive shading knowledge, the customisable car paints in Greyscalegorilla Plus span the colour spectrum to bring accuracy to a viz scene.

The collection takes advantage of proprietary OSL metallic flakes (in Octane and Redshift), which it states help bring photorealism to automotive scenes.

Available as part of the Greyscalegorilla Plus membership, Plus offers a huge Cinema 4D material library to which members have instant access to this collection and can mix and match with the over 1,400 materials in the library.

Greyscalegorilla CEO Nick Campbell, said: “Our new Greyscalegorilla Plus Car Paint collection delivers the most realistic and functional set of materials and shaders on the market offering the hyper-realistic assets required for any use from vehicle prototype to promotional sizzle video, automotive brand website, virtual showroom, and beyond.

“The team spent countless hours in the development and research on the shaders, shooting and collecting several hundred reference photos,” he explains.


“Customers will be impressed with our custom-built, metallic flake system that gives our car paints a natural sparkle without the need for UVs, tons of color finishes, compatibility with leading rendering software including Redshift, Arnold and Octane and access to our extensive library of Cinema 4D plug-ins for a robust end-to-end workflow.”