New power protection system from EnvisionTEC aims to protect 3D printing from fluctuating currents

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EnvisionTEC has launched a new power protection system line of accessories to ensure that voltage fluctuations and power outages don’t disrupt the 3D printing process for its users.

According to EnvisionTEC, its new Power Protection System (PPS) for its desktop Vida and Micro 3D printers, is more than just a battery backup system.

The PPS ‘conditions’ or cleans the power supply from noise and other issues that may interfere with high-value 3D print jobs, where a consistent supply of energy is crucial.

The aim is to ensure that desktop users, such as jewelers, orthodontists and dentists, have a consistent supply of power while they may also be simultaneously using other machinery and equipment in their facilities, such as mills and welding tools, which can disrupt consistent energy flow within a building.


“Because our customers are power users – professionals and manufacturers who rely on their 3D printers for commercial products and significant production – EnvisionTEC is proud to offer an approved energy management solution that protects 3D printers and the parts they are building from voltage fluctuations,” said the company CEO Al Siblani.

The EnvisionTEC PPS line of accessories will be available globally in both 120V or 230V versions, with additional PPS models to follow for EnvisionTEC’s larger Perfactory and 3SP printers.

According to the International Business Times the United States endures more blackouts than any other developed nation, as the number of U.S. power outages lasting more than an hour have increased steadily for the past decade, costing businesses as much as $150 billion.

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