New Internet of Things product family from PTC offers a ‘clearer pathway to interconnected world’

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Alstom is an early adopter of PTC Integrity

With momentum clearly behind it, PTC has announced new features within its PTC Integrity product family of software and systems engineering solutions for designing the smart, connected products of the future.

Capabilities that used to be implemented through a single engineering discipline, such as a mechanical brake, are now delivered through tightly coupled hardware and software that require close collaboration across disciplines, and it’s at this junction that Integrity is stepping in to the process.

Primarily, the Integrity product family offers a software and systems engineering approach, promising successful collaboration, automation and reuse across teams and disciplines to address challenges.
“Better software and systems engineering enable better, more profitable products,” said Roque Martin, senior vice president and general manager, ALM, PTC.

“Software and systems engineering is the lifeblood of smart, connected products. Manufacturers that take advantage of the PTC Integrity product family will be in a stronger position to deliver more competitive products in an increasingly connected world.”

PTC states that collectively, the new releases implement more than 100 customer-requested features, including support for continuous engineering within PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager to speed software delivery cycles.


According to the release, PTC Integrity now enables the user to:
– Support holistic systems and software design to define and communicate how product, users, and the environment truly interact
– Manage requirements from cradle-to-grave to ensure customer needs and quality expectations are met
– Engineer product lines to deliver variation and optimise commonality and reuse
– Manage the evolution and release of strategic software assets
– Address quality early and often by validating and verifying requirements and designs
– Share best practices that can be easily tailored, managed and improved over time

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