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Light Tracer Render v1.9 adds further sheen to Viz tools

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Light Tracer Render v1.9 has been announced, with the GPU renderer adding further updates and new features to its array of visualisation tools.

Top of the list of new features in v1.9 is support for the Disney material model, which makes the software more compatible with other 3D rendering tools, such as Blender (Cycles and Eevee) and LuxCore.

The new Disney material model brings additional effects to Light Tracer Render, such as Sheen, Anisotropy and simple Subsurface.

v1.9 sheen light tracer renderer
New sheen effects boost renders such as this teapot model with anisotropic material [credit: andrey_r32167]


A new shadow catcher made for Disney material model is also able to receive reflections as well as shadows and allowing for controllable roughness.

Light Tracer Render suggest that by adding the new Disney tools, it makes it easier for users to transfer experience from one software to another.

Interesting for product visualisations it the new rough glass material, which allows the software to render materials like frosted glass and transparent rough plastic. Additionally, an improved dispersion effect and the setup of spectral characteristics has been made more user-friendly.


Dispersion sees the refractive index calculated as a function of the wavelength, with Light Tracer Render using a two-term Cauchy equation to model dispersion.

Users can set a value greater than zero to increase the realism by adding colour effects for highly refractive objects like gem stones.

An extended built-in material library has been added in v1.9, stocking more than 100 materials of various surfaces – such as cloth, plastics, ceramics, leather, metals and car paints.

A reworked UI andmore compact layout, texture UV transform pivot and lots of bug fixes make up the rest of the updates, with the new version available now for both Windows and Mac.

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