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DGG raise €4M for realtime 3D tech RapidCompact

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German startup DGG is looking to further accelerate its 3D optimisation software, RapidCompact, following a €4M funding round to help businesses automate and optimise their visualisation output for 3D and XR applications.

DGG RapidCompact software and API allow eCommerce clients and platform partners to integrate the tech into their backend infrastructure so that their merchants can automatically upload 3D models of their products whatever their size, complexity, or format, by making many thousands of 3D models accessible to all kinds of real-time 3D and XR applications, within a few hours.

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RapidCompact allows users to automatically generate optimised 3D assets for eCommerce and beyond

The start-up is already serving brands including Adidas, Crate & Barrel, and Otto Group, as well as key eCommerce platform partners, such as Shopify and Adobe, creating more than two million optimised 3D models in the past two years.

“What might sound complicated is actually really simple for our users: our technology allows them to create and display 3D models just the way YouTube allows content creators to upload their content with a drag-and-drop feature.” said DGG’s CEO Max Limper.

“Our ultimate goal is to make 3D technology accessible to all retailers and products creators through an API with the essential building blocks, and this new funding will help us boost our growth and R&D.”

Based in Darmstadt, Germany DGG has been built with over 8 years of research at the Fraunhofer institute. RapidCompact, is a technology that helps the global developer community automatically create optimised 3D assets for eCommerce and beyond. The startup says it is currently extending its products line and offers a platform for technology partners, as well as dedicated integrations for large enterprise clients, including a new product that automatically converts ‘offline’ CGI assets to realtime 3D formats, which will be presented at the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles this August.

DGG states that this specific challenge is currently blocking the broader adoption of 3D technology within the retail industry and helping retailers address and scale 3D content creation for XR will be a major step in digital retail.


The funding round was led by European VC IRIS alongside existing investors RenderedVC, FTTF, 3VC, as well as Business Angels Charlie Songhurst and Chris Schagen.

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