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Recycled content calculator app launched by Makersite

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Makersite, a SaaS platform offering product lifecycle intelligence for manufacturing teams, has launched an app to help companies calculate and report the amount of recycled content in their products.

The new capability leverages Makersite’s global supply chain data and works within its existing platform, making the compliance process accessible, efficient and accurate for modern global regulations including the EU Green Deal initiative, the Packaged Product Waste Regulations (PPWR) and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Makersite says that the newly launched application and database transforms the data aggregation process entirely. With access to over 140 data sources, Makersite streamlines the process using ‘AI and automation’, promising seamless and accurate calculation, verification and reporting of recycled content within manufactured products.

This new capability, coupled with Makersite’s existing Scope 3 and automated LCA solutions, should help product development move towards better sustainability practices and allows organisations to ensure they are not just a strategic goal, but an operational reality for product teams.

Traditionally, the process of reporting and identifying recycled content in manufacturing products has been fraught with complexity and guesswork – involving an audit of legal compliance, supplier verification and validation, material due diligence procedures, and minimum recycled content criteria. Often, product teams lack the data needed to accurately report and rely on their biggest suppliers for confidential materials and process information.

Aggregating this data for complex products, sometimes containing hundreds of raw materials, is now far simpler.

“Around the world, governments are implementing recycled content requirements in order to meet their decarbonization and waste reduction goals. Unfortunately, very few companies have the ability to reliably measure and report on the recycled content of their products. You cannot manage what you can’t measure,” said Makersite CEO Neil D’Souza.


“Our new capability will enable procurement, compliance, and sustainability practitioners to confidently report the amount of recycled content in their products, saving time and resources while ensuring the highest degree of accuracy.”

Makersite say that it is supporting numerous international brands including Microsoft, Cummins, Vestas and Barco in the development of a more sustainable and responsible manufacturing industry.

Founded in 2018, the Stuttgart-based company has a team of over 60 employees, comprised of data scientists and sustainability, cost, and compliance experts across Europe and North America.


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