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Swatchbook rolls out Mix 2.0 update

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Swatchbook has announced the release of Mix 2.0, the second generation of the 3D design, configuration and visualisation application designed for iPad.

Originally launched at the end of 2020, the second release of the app, features a set of innovative updates, and a new workflow developed to allow designers to work on their projects with the help of automation and machine learning, as well as manually.

Mix 2.0 should also allow users to recolour materials on the fly with a new recolouring tool which syncs every design, material iteration, and configuration with Swatchbook’s digital asset management platform.

Swatchbook says that Mix 2.0 was developed to expand the user experience and give the designer more choices on how to approach the design.

The wizard-like user interface of this new update expands to include colour collections for the design as well as materials.

From the interface, designers can choose to start with a blank canvas, combine manual and automated design, or refine a fully automated design based on rules and AI, with the ability to create all designs in full 3D or AR.

Users should also be able to store all variants in the designer’s Swatchbook account and share them with the team.


With each variant, Swatchbook should store a virtual ‘bill of materials’ (vBOM) which lists all parts, dynamic links to materials and their suppliers, colours, amount of usage, and pricing.

This function was introduced to allow an easier communication with factories, as users should be able to export any vBOM into a stylised PDF, complete with all renderings of the product.

“Mix 2.0 is the next step in design and visualisation software,” said the CEO of Swatchbook Yazan Malkosh.

“Being able to recolour materials on the fly and sharing those with your supply chain makes mix the easiest and fastest design tool without having to rely on other design applications or platforms.”

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