Latest Engys Elements combines wind tunnel and general CFD simulation

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Engys has announced the new release of Elements 3.2.1, its open-source based CFD software suite for vehicle design applications.

A software suite for vehicle design applications produced by Streamline Solutions LLC, the product combines two simulation environments in one package.

Elements 3.2.1 includes a dedicated virtual wind tunnel wizard for modeling external vehicle aerodynamics, and a general purpose CFD interface for solving other vehicle design applications, including UHMT, HVAC, in-cabin flows, and aeroacoustics.

Engys states that the latest release has been widely tested and validated to conform to the latest regulations on alternative drag prediction methods proposed ‘as part of the Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure’.

Extended capabilities and several refinements to remove known issues found in the previous release have been made, as well as new features, including:

  • Enhanced display rendering for remote client-server connections to HPC systems with multiple computational nodes.
  • Faster I/O thanks to added support for solution fields in binary format.
  • Extended support for the python-based macro journaling system in Elements-GUI.
  • New mapped boundary conditions to map fields from either a boundary patch or a volumetric distance-based source.
  • New TAITherm coupling thermal boundary condition.
  • Added support for porous media in cylindrical coordinate system.
  • New vectors visualisation object.
  • Added support for box and sphere types for slice and clip visualisation objects.
  • Added support for nested hierarchy of visualisation objects.
  • Added support for fields visualization inside volumetric cell zones.
  • New options for colour legends and backface/frontface visualisation.
  • New block-coupled density-based compressible flow solver for subsonic, transonic and supersonic regimes in Elements-Coupled add-on module.

Streamline Solutions is a joint venture formed between Engys and Auto Research Center, founded in the USA in early 2012 to serve the vehicle design software market, covering automotive, motorsports, commercial and military applications.


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