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Ansys partners with Autodesk for optical design workflow

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Ansys and Autodesk have created a joint workflow for automotive companies, launching an optical design and engineering workflow utilising Autodesk Vred.

It combines 3D visualisation and virtual prototyping software with physics-based lighting simulation solutions, with the overall aim of helping the decision-making abilities of engineering teams and to protect the design vision of the original concepts.

“Traditionally, the design team passes their models to engineers who then pass back their simulation results,” says Lionel Bennes, Ansys VRXperience light simulation product manager.

An intended lighting result (left) compared with initial engineering results.

“Not only is this time consuming, it can also introduce data inconsistencies when importing data between different software tools.”

Ansys and Autodesk aim to address this challenge by combining Autodesk VRED Professional with the physics-based light simulation capabilities of Ansys VRXperience Light Simulation.

“This workflow will help ensure data consistency and place physics-based lighting simulations in the design team toolbox,” says Bennes.

The workflow is also able to detect defects in a design that can’t be discovered without optical simulations –  identifying dark spots and light leakage without sending models to an engineering team.


This should help speed the development cycle as designs can be optimised with the help of on-demand simulations.

To learn how to combine Ansys VRXperience and Autodesk VRED Professional workflows, you can watch the webinar: Deliver Engineering Grade Light Simulation to Studio Designers.

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