Artec 3D offers discounted upgrade for base Eva Lite 3D scanner

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Artec 3D is offering users of its Eva Lite scanner the opportunity to add the more advanced features like colour capture and enhanced precision, with an upgrade promotion.

Users of the Eva Lite, who will have previously only been able to create black and white models of their 3D scans, will be able to make full-colour models.

Any Eva Lite purchased before March 2024 is eligible for the upgrade directly from Artec 3D, with the promotion running until 31 August 2024.

Artec is offering the upgrade at a discounted price of €4,000 compared to the €7,000 original price.

Eva Lite users will be able to immediately digitally capture texture and geometry, allowing sub-millimetre yields of 3D models.

Digitally capturing texture makes scanning featureless surfaces easier without having to add texture aids, and enhances tracking, making the workflow faster.

Using the Eva Lite, autoalign scans and and global registration are usually only available using geometry data, but with the upgrade, will also be possible with texture data.


It will also allow users to augment scans using photo data, meaning that photorealistic results can be achieved using photo-texturing.

Upgrading will also give users access to HD Mode, Artec’s AI algorithm, which helps to achieve, and digitise, clean and detailed scans in difficult areas.

Artec customers who have purchased Eva Lite as a foray into professional 3D scanning will be able to test out a more advanced software before committing to purchasing it.

To claim this offer, users will need to reach out to Artec 3D, who will upgrade their software remotely.