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Swatchbook adds support for Adobe Substance

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Swatchbook has announced support for Adobe Substance and the Substance file format, aiding users sourcing or uploading digital materials to the Swatchbook platform reach a new audience.

The move looks to push Swatchbook into a more visualisation workflows, adding over 30,000 ready to use materials into Substance Designer and Alchemist.

“The support of the Substance file format is another significant step for us to ensure that Swatchbook fits into any digital workflow and environment,” said Swatchbook CEO Yazan Malkosh, citing the tight cooperation between the Adobe Substance and Swatchbook tech teams.

“Considering the wide adoption of Substance applications, and the support of the Substance file format by so many applications, it was important for us to be able to allow any subscriber to Swatchbook to be able to download their favourite materials as native Substance files.”

In the new update, Swatchbook subscribers will be able to download any material in Substance format.

This includes not only materials a user uploaded themselves, but most importantly will allow the subscriber to download any of the over 30,000 materials in the marketplace in the Substance file format.

The download can either be done per material, or through a collection using Swatchbook’s smart sync application.


The resulting Substance files can be used in Substance Designer, Alchemist and also Adobe Dimensions.

Substance support for Swatchbook will be made available free of charge to all Swatchbook subscribers as part of the next scheduled system update within the next few months.

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