Cadence Fidelity CFD Meshing Launch HERO

Fidelity CFD software launches Cadence’s ‘new era of multiphysics system simulation’

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Cadence Fidelity is capable of optimising the power generated by wind and gas turbines

Cadence Design Systems has launched its latest CFD simulation software suite, Cadence Fidelity, as it introduces its next generation flow solver that it says will boost performance and accelerate turnaround time without sacrificing accuracy.

Billed by the company as ushering in a ‘new era of performance and accuracy for multiphysics simulation’, the solver features high-order numerics, scale-resolving simulations and ‘massive’ hardware acceleration, and builds on the expertise and technology gained from the acquisitions of NUMECA and Pointwise.

Cadence highlights Fidelity CFD software’s unified mesh generation technologies from NUMECA and Pointwise specifically, as delivering critical capabilities to a major aerospace customer.

Included in Fidelity CFD are several specialised flow solvers for marine and turbomachinery applications, as well as general-purpose flow solvers for a broad range of flow types.

With Fidelity CFD, engineers can address issues such as wind noise around road vehicles, expand the flight envelope of next-generation aircraft designs, optimise the power generated by wind and gas turbines, and cut fuel consumption of marine vessels.

Cadence reports that in some cases Fidelity having demonstrated the ability to predict aerodynamic drag on an automobile up to 10-times more accurately than a traditional CFD solver. In addition, it says the turnaround time for these highly accurate simulations can be reduced from weeks to a day or less.

“For advanced applications that need to accurately model turbulence—including automotive, turbomachinery and aerospace applications—the Fidelity CFD software’s next-generation flow solver opens new opportunities for customers to rapidly garner unprecedented engineering insight into the performance of their systems,” said Tom Beckley, senior VP and GM of the custom IC and PCB group at Cadence.


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