3DReshaper 2018 launches with new reports engine

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Built for processing any type of point clouds in a wide array of 3D scanning applications, the 2018 version of 3DReshaper has added new features to make the software even more versatile.

From point cloud to deliverables, from engineering to heritage, from surveying to manufacturing, 3DReshaper aims to be the complete toolbox for 3D modeling and inspection needs.

3DReshaper 2018 offers a brand-new reporting engine, allowing users to create, edit, and customise reports from pre-defined templates or from scratch.
Add text, move images, put a snapshot of your scene with labels, data tables and export all of it in a 2D or 3D PDF.

Tools for working with points are now more precise than ever, with the Clean/Separate command being significantly improved for an easier and more efficient use; while new segmentation and filtering tools (according to the point cloud’s real colors, its inspection or intensity values, etc.) are installed.

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