First Look: 3D Systems Geomagic Control X inspection and metrology software

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Geomagic Control X adds scan traceability, as well as accurate and customisable reporting to 3D Systems pro 3D scanning workflow

Powerful inspection tools within straightforward workflows is the hook for 3D Systems’ latest Geomagic release – Control X.

Promising precise, rapid, digital inspection for quality management and metrology workflows, the new software is billed as an intuitive box of tricks and innovative toolsets for professional metrology.

Key to the professional sector is its addition of scan traceability, as well as accurate and customisable reporting and analysis tools, helping fill in the blanks on those quality measures documents.
According to Scott Green, director of product management, software solutions, 3D Systems, Geomagic Control X builds on the company’s 20-year legacy of inspection software development to introduce “the world’s best-in-class metrology software”.

Green added that the outcome is: “an easy-to-use solution that answers the measurement analysis requirements of manufacturers worldwide”.

Key features of Geomagic Control X


– Synchronous and assembly inspection tools: enables accurate, unordered inspection and automatically generates editable, history-based inspection trees for repeatable inspections.

– A refreshed user interface, making it easier to find and use the entire range of feature-rich options for measuring and analysing parts.

– Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) support and comprehensive Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Callouts: Adds intuitive dimensioning based on CAD features to help deliver increased efficiency, while advanced PMI and GD&T support facilitate results interpretation to keep all stakeholders on the same page.

– Simultaneous analysis using multiple results and mating parts enables faster comparison, analysis and understanding of root causes behind existing production issues.

– Highly flexible report definition makes compiling unique data sets fast and simple.

– Repeatable probing processes with LiveInspect: Geomagic Control X allows users to pre-plan inspection processes and reporting for portable CMMs, and execute them at a later date.

– The user can switch between all industry-standard non-contact and optical scanners, and a wide range of portable probing and tactile devices, while importing all major CAD file formats.