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DirectFEM acquired by Hyperganic for quasi-mesh-less simulation

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Hyperganic DirectFEM
DirectFEM has previously collaborated on projects with BMW Group, DYNAmore GmbH and Siemens

Hyperganic has acquired mesh-less simulation technology company DirectFEM, forming a ‘key part’ of the Hyperganic Core platform as the company looks to build a one-stop solution from engineering to manufacturing.

DirectFEM’s technology aims to produce fast, cost-effective simulations of early designs and even flawed models, and has produced pilot projects in collaboration with BMW Group, DYNAmore GmbH and Siemens.

DirectFEM developed a unique solution for simulation using the Finite Cell Method. Conceived at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), its founders explain that its quasi-mesh-less method allows the physical evaluation of designs that were traditionally ‘considered too complex’ to simulate.

“Historically, simulation tools require lengthy and tedious meshing processes to break the domain of objects into small parts,” explains DirectFEM CEO Nina Korshunova. “Our method overcomes this limitation, which makes it possible for the first time to iterate and validate the complex physical machinery that Hyperganic creates.”

Korshunova, and fellow founders László Kudela and Davide D’Angella, will join Hyperganic, building advanced simulation as an integral part of Hyperganic Core platform.

Hyperganic Core 3, the first public iteration of the company’s ‘Algorithmic Engineering’ platform, will be launched in June this year, and will incorporate Munich-based DirectFEM’s physical simulation capabilities into its portfolio.

“We embarked on a mission to engineer physical objects and machines that approach the complexity of nature,” says Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser. “While Hyperganic Core can create these intricate designs, evaluation and testing was always a challenge. Conventional simulation tools cannot handle the amount of detail our algorithms create.


“When we saw what the DirectFEM team had built, it became clear that this was the missing link to integrating physics deep into Hyperganic Core. The acquisition moves us forward on our mission to tackle the great engineering challenges of our time.”

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